Genesee Unit 1 and Unit 2

Name: Genesee 1 & 2
Location: Warburg, Alberta, Canada
Fuel source: Coal
Type of facility: Coal-fired steam
Year Commissioned:
Unit 1 - 1994
Unit 2 - 1989
Owned Capacity:
860 MW (combined)
% Owned/Operated: 100/100


Genesee Generating Station 

 Facility Facts

• Baseload units that regularly run at or near full production capacity

• Excellent operating histories, as measured by high availability

• The generation capacity is subject to a Power Purchase Agreement with the Alberta Balancing Pool, in effect until December 31, 2020

• The long-term, contracted cash flows, together with low fuel-supply risks, contributes to the overall financial stability of Capital Power’s portfolio of assets

• Costs associated with compliance with changes in environmental regulation are passed through to the PPA holder under a change of law provision 


Mining and Reclamation

  • Coal is supplied by the adjacent Genesee Mine, which is a 50/50 joint venture between Capital Power and Westmoreland.

  • A comprehensive mining and land reclamation plan designed to return mined land back into agricultural production

  • Other land use initiatives include land leasing, cattle grazing and environmental monitoring

  Capital Power Land Use Guidelines for Genesee Station and Mine


Last reviewed: June 2014