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East Windsor Cogeneration Centre (EWCC) is an 92 MW natural gas facility located on approximately 1.5 acres of industrial land in Windsor, Ontario. The facility was acquired from Veresen Inc. in February 2017. EWCC is fully contracted with the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator until 2029.

The East Windsor facility is ideally situated to provide the City of Windsor and area with additional power generation to support regional growth and economic development

Quick Facts

  • 92 MW facility began operations in 2009 providing power to Ontario’s grid (originally the plant also provided steam to the adjacent Ford Engine factory until 2019).
  • Interconnection at Hydro One 115 kV Circuits E8F and E9F.
  • Equipped with modern emission controls that meet all federal and provincial air quality standards.
  • Exploring options for the site that will add significantly more power generation capacity installed within the current footprint of the long-used site.*
  • A new energy project is being explored for the southern edge of the site.

Proposed Energy Project to Meet Regional Needs

Capital Power is proposing a new energy project for the East Windsor Cogeneration Centre (“EWC”), which is located at 224 Cadillac Street.
As initially communicated in November 2022, we were assessing two possible projects: 1) a natural gas-fired facility of up to 100 MW; 2) and a battery energy storage system (“BESS”) of up to 40 MW.

Since that time, Capital Power received additional information from Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”) regarding transmission capacity in the region. This information indicated that there was sufficient local transmission capacity for the additional power generation under consideration. Combined with our understanding of forthcoming electricity supply needs associated with new economic growth, we are now focused on the proposed natural gas facility.

This proposal comes in response to the call for new power generation and capacity being administered by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”).

The IESO has indicated that natural gas generation remains an integral part of the generation mix and continues to be required to ensure grid reliability. Gas plants are often located near large population centres to support local power needs, avoiding the need for potentially expensive or disruptive transmission projects. The expansion at EWC is well positioned to be successful as it is cost effective, with the development being within the footprint of an existing power generation facility. The facility will also be close to the load-centre (i.e. power consumers) and appears to meet the future needs identified by IESO.

This project will help facilitate renewable energy growth by providing a backstop to intermittent generation from wind and solar energy facilities (e.g. when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining). The proposed expansion at the EWC would provide this backstop, while also providing local energy support to economic growth in the region. The cost effective and reliable long duration energy supply provided by a new natural gas turbine would help attract new, large scale business ventures that bring significant employment and economic opportunities to the Windsor region.

This expansion will be future ready – meaning the turbines will be immediately capable of blending up to 35% hydrogen, which can be upgraded to 100% capability over time. Hydrogen has been identified by Ontario and by the Government of Canada as a critical pathway to economy-wide decarbonization.

On January 16, 2023 the Windsor City Council passed a municipal support resolution on this project.

Helping meet Growing Electricity Needs – Locally and Regionally

In December 2021, the IESO released its Annual Planning Outlook (“APO”) which identified significant need for capacity at both the bulk system and regional levels. At the system level the IESO is projecting an increasing deficit of generation capacity starting in 2025. The primary causes for the estimated shortfall are 1) an increase in load growth; 2) lack of investment in new supply; and 3) retirement and refurbishment of Ontario’s nuclear fleet.

The need is greatest in the GTA area, and the area West of London, including Windsor. The deficit, with the assumption that all existing generators remain in operation and are available, reaches 5,000 MW by around 2035 and almost 10,000 MW around 2042.

Provincial and Local Regulatory Approvals Required

In addition to approvals from the City of Windsor, additional approvals will be required from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). Public consultation activities would be undertaken as part of these regulatory processes.

Virtual Public Community Meeting – Thursday, December 15, 2022

Capital Power is committed to receiving input and feedback on this project. We held a virtual public meeting via the internet on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

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If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-855-703-5005.

Project Overview

  • Generation technology: two natural-gas fired turbines for 100MW of power
  • Status: Proposed
  • Location: within the footprint of the existing EWC site.
  • Anticipated operational date: December 2025

Download: Community and Indigenous Engagement Plan

Community Investment

At Capital Power, we contribute to the communities in which we live with the aim of building a sustainable future for all. We engage our neighbours, consider their interests and build real relationships. We aim to source supplies and services locally for our operations, as well as hire from the community. At East Windsor:

  • We pay approximately $160,000 in property tax each year, contributing annually to community tax bases, supporting the improvement of infrastructure, roadways, and community services.
  • We employ eight fulltime employees with five contractors on average annually

We give back where we live and work by supporting local organizations and our employees’ community participation through our corporate giving programs.

Recent community support includes:

  • Ford City Residents in Action
  • Windsor West Little League
  • Pillette Village Business Association
  • Windsor Police Services Camp Brombal
  • The Windsor Parade Corporation
  • Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers, Inc.
  • The Windsor Residence for Young Men
  • Drouillard Place
  • Downtown Mission of Windsor
  • Family Services Windsor-Essex
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Utilizing modern technology, our East Windsor Cogeneration Centre generates clean and reliable energy to power over 80,000 homes in the Windsor area.
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