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A transparent path to net zero by 2045

We’re committed to sharing transparent, accurate and detailed reports to disclose our financial and environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance as we power a sustainable future for people and planet. We’re elevating our reporting standards each year to reflect global best practices, meet the evolving needs of all our stakeholders, and provide a comprehensive view our of our priorities and performance – offering the best insight into our strategy for creating long-term value.

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Our purpose – to power a sustainable future for people and planet – is our north star as we pursue a bold decarbonization strategy that is grounded in the principles of reliability and affordability.

2021 Integrated Annual Report:

2021 Climate Change Disclosure Report:

  • 2021 Climate Change Disclosure Report
    Insights on our strategic response to climate change, in alignment with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)


In these reports, we share how we’re powering a sustainable future for people and planet through our detailed results and strategic focus on resilience, optimization and innovation. Click on the links below to learn more about key topics covered in our 2021 disclosures:

& Targets

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Capital Power’s strategy focuses on the development and operation of our core technologies: wind, solar, natural gas and storage. Our pathway towards net carbon neutral also includes the advancement of decarbonization technologies such as carbon capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen and direct air capture. In this section:

  • Trends shaping our industry
  • Our strategy
  • A discussion with our Chief Sustainability Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Performance targets for 2022
  • Risk overview
  • Value creation

Progress on Our Road to Decarbonization

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We are on a journey to be net zero by 2045, while safeguarding the reliability and affordability of our electric supply by decarbonizing our operations through innovation and investment. In this section:

  • Reducing emissions within our operations
  • Investing in low-carbon energy sources
  • Working to ensure resilience across our assets


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Our current and future success depends on our ability to continue to attract and retain a diverse, engaged workforce that has the expertise to support our business and advance our net carbon neutral future. In this section:

  • Equity, diversity & inclusion
  • Leadership & development training
  • Fostering holistic health & wellbeing
  • Employee turnover
  • Occupational health & safety


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By engaging with the stakeholders who live near, or have an interest in, our operations, we foster understanding and trust, and seek to lay the foundation for mutually beneficial relationships. Our approach is founded on respect, transparency and a goal of developing enduring relationships that recognize the unique circumstances of individual communities and stakeholder groups. In this section:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community investment
  • Indigenous communities & engagement

& Ethics

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Effective corporate governance is critical to both our long-term performance and maintaining stakeholder trust. Our Board has a diversity of knowledge, expertise and ways of thinking that help us transition our business, manage risks and continue to deliver value over the long term. In this section:

  • Corporate governance
  • Sustainability governance
  • Ethics & integrity

2021 Climate Change Disclosure Report

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In 2021, we accelerated our efforts to reach net carbon neutrality through the implementation of several decarbonization initiatives as outlined in our roadmap to 2050.

This report offers insights on our climate-related metrics and targets, corporate governance, climate-related risks and opportunities, and our strategy and its resilience in relation to climate change scenarios.

Sustainability Reports

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