Health and Safety

Health and Safety are Core to Our Values and Fundamental
to How We Operate

We’re committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone that works at our facilities and offices, those who come onto our sites, and the communities in which we operate. We’re accountable to each other, look out for each other and protect each other at work and bring that health and safety mindset home to protect our friends, families, and communities.


Protecting Each Other – Today, Tomorrow and for the Future

We maintain the highest standards of safety for our workers and the communities in which we work. Our safety mindset, Zero Means Everything (zero injuries; zero incidents), is a core value of our culture and operations. Each member of our team knows that they have the right to get home safe and healthy every day.

Our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy defines the framework under which our health, safety and environment program is developed and maintained. We’re committed to establishing and following corporate HSE Standards, as well as Life Critical Standards and Rules that are:

  • Compliant within all jurisdictions in which we operate,
  • Established to set the minimum requirements on a given HSE topic, and
  • Required to be implemented at all applicable worksites.

Our HSE Standards and Life Critical Rules  support our safety culture where ‘Zero Means Everything’ and provide consistency across the organization.

  • Life Critical Standards: identify 11 high risk activities that have the potential to cause a life-altering injury or fatality and outline specific requirements for safely conducting each one.
    View Life Critical Standards
  • Life Critical Rules: are a set of expectations, based on the Life Critical Standards, to avoid consequences that have the potential to result in a life-altering injury or fatality.
    View Life Critical Rules

We establish and monitor safety targets, maintain equipment, and equip employees with ongoing safety training, appropriate tools, and protective equipment to complete their work safely.


Leadership and Commitment

Our Board and Executive Team, through an established HSE Committee, supports and enforces Capital Power’s HSE Management System to identify and appropriately reduce Capital Power’s health, safety and environmental risks. The Committee’s role includes monitoring, advising and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters relating to:

  • Establishing, maintaining and reviewing the company’s strategies, goals and policies relating to health, safety and environment,
  • Recommending and approving HSE objectives annually and measuring performance through our HSE Performance Index,
  • Conducting due diligence and monitoring corporate performance in matters of health, safety and environment, and
  • Reviewing the results of performance assessments (i.e. self-assessments, surveys, etc.) that are regularly conducted to identify key areas for improvements, as well as internal audits that are also conducted and reported to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the HSEMS.

By continually examining our processes and training, stressing the importance and value of reporting events, and identifying areas for improvement, we strengthen our safety culture and increase our efficiency and productivity.

Suppliers and Contractors

Selecting contractors that best meet internal and government safety requirements is an important and necessary element in achieving our operational and health and safety objectives.

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Suppliers and Contractors