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Energy Marketing and Origination

Capital Power’s Energy Marketing and Origination team is focused on developing innovative solutions for electricity customers whose typical power demand is 1 MW or greater. Our customers represent many sectors of the economy including: oil and gas, manufacturing, real estate, retail, Municipalities, School Districts and Universities.

Our Expertise = Your Benefit

We know and understand the electricity market at an expert level. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is deeply involved in asset optimization, power marketing and trading, new generation development, environmental compliance products and structuring electricity service agreements to meet our customers needs.

When you become a customer of Capital Power, you benefit from the knowledge and insights we’ve gained operating in this ever-changing market. The skilled professionals on our trading desk effectively manage our portfolio on a minute-by-minute basis to maximize efficiency.  As a customer, you will benefit from this expertise.

Tailored Solutions – Working Differently

Our approach is focused on learning about our customer and developing an understanding of their electricity-related needs. We share this information amongst our professionals and structure products and services to effectively meet these specialized needs, for now, and into the future.

Need Energy Supply and Services in Canada or the U.S.?

Capital Power’s generation portfolio spans the U.S. and Canada. If you have facilities with electricity needs in either the U.S. or Canada, we can help.

To find out how Capital Power’s Energy Marketing and Origination team can help with your energy needs, contact us today:

Customer Service
Phone: 1-877-392-5270
Email: [email protected]

Dale Ronsky
Manager, Energy Marketing & Origination
Phone: 1-403-717-4620
Email: [email protected]

Robert Tennent
Senior Originator, Energy Marketing & Origination
Phone: 1-403-717-4670
Email: [email protected]

Office location:
1200, 401 – 9th Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2P 3C5


Energy Management Operations Centre (EMOC)

The Energy Management Operations Centre (EMOC) provides independent real-time energy management services for over 5,000 MW of thermal and renewable generating capacity across North America.

EMOC leverages its 20 years of experience to offer innovative real-time, compliance, renewable asset management, and settlement services all specialized to meet each of our clients’ unique requirements.

EMOC’s services include:

  • Real-time operations and compliance mitigation
  • Renewable fleet remote operations and energy management
  • Balancing Authority and Transmission Operator communication
  • Asset power dispatch
  • Field operations support
  • Safety and security monitoring
  • Complex financial settlement for joint ventures and other commercial arrangements
  • Alberta capacity market implementation and operationalization
Visit EMOC Website

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