East Windsor Generation Facility Expansion

Ontario, Canada


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Natural Gas
In Development
Proposed Capacity



Natural Gas

Capital Power is proposing the East Windsor Generation Facility Expansion project to provide additional generation capacity to the Windsor area and provincial electricity grid until 2040.

The project will consist of a new 100 MW simple cycle natural gas power plant. While the project will be located within the existing East Windsor Cogeneration Centre (EWCC) property, it will be contracted (with the IESO) and dispatched separately from the EWCC.

The proposed project is being designed to support peaking power generation needs to better enable both a reliable supply of electricity and to provide flexibility in support of intermittent renewable energy sources, like wind and solar.


The Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has identified a significant need for new power supply in the province. At the system level, the IESO is projecting a generation capacity deficit starting mid-decade While the need for new capacity is at the system wide level, the IESO has also identified several regions of the province with particularly pressing needs for new power supply. One such region, and therefore a high priority area for the IESO, includes the Windsor area. In response to the regional and system wide shortfalls, the IESO launched the Expedited Long-Term Request for Proposals in 2022. Capital Power was recently selected as a successful proponent in this process.

In May 2023, Capital Power executed a contact for a 15 year power purchase agreement for the Project. See the news release announcing this contract. Learn more 


The project is proposed immediately west of the existing EWCC facility, within the property owned by Capital Power, municipally referred to as 224 Cadillac Street (42.3257, -83.0014), City of Windsor. View map.

Project details

The conceptual design consists of a simple cycle facility that will be built within the existing fence line of the existing EWCC facility, with the development footprint anticipated to be approximately 0.31 hectares (0.76 acres) in size.

The project will be owned and operated independently of the EWCC, but some shared infrastructure and servicing is anticipated, such as use of the existing EWCC driveway access to Cadillac Street.

Other key project components will include:

  • A new high-voltage transformer with the output power connecting to the power grid via the existing EWCC substation yard.
  • Electrical components, including medium voltage transformers, switchgears, cabling (low and high voltage), fuel gas compressor(s), instrumentation and control systems, and other electrical protection equipment.
  • Stormwater management (SWM) system, which is currently expected to integrate with the existing EWCC SWM system.
  • Landscaping or tree plantings for visual aesthetic purposes.

The construction phase is currently expected to be approximately 12 to 18 months in duration.

Anticipated schedule:

  • Environmental studies and regulatory approvals
    • 2023 to 2024
  • Construction mobilization
    • Mid to late 2024
  • Commissioning activities
    • Mid 2025
  • IESO commercial operation target
    • May 2025 to May 2026

Regulatory process

Various permitting and approval processes will need to be completed before the project can proceed. In addition to municipal requirements, these are expected to include the Environmental Screening Process for Electricity Projects under the Environmental Assessment Act and provincial approvals related to air, noise and stormwater.

Consultation and engagement

We value and consider local community interests and priorities. We engage government, employees, local communities, investors, shareholders, and Indigenous communities. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or want to be added to the project mailing list.

Public information session

We anticipate holding an open house on the project in Fall 2023. Information on this event will be sent to all stakeholders, advertised locally and shared on this webpage.

Site Contact

Jay Shukin

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