Goreway – Battery Energy Storage System

Ontario, Canada


In Development

Proposed Capacity



In Development
Proposed Capacity



Capital Power is proposing a battery energy storage system (BESS) installation at the Goreway Power Station (GPS) that would provide up to 50 MW of power storage, with electrical energy output for up to four-hours. The project would be located within the footprint of the existing GPS.

The BESS will be used to support grid reliability. It will be charged during times when there is surplus electricity available on the provincial power grid (generally during off-peak hours) and will discharge energy to the grid during peak hours or when there may be a disruption in system supply. The proposed BESS will help meet increasing local and provincial electricity demands by providing critical backup generation support, thereby better enabling both a reliable supply of electricity and flexibility in support of intermittent renewable energy sources (i.e., solar and wind).

BESS systems are non-emitting technologies and will operate independently from the existing GPS.


The Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has identified a significant need for new power supply in the province. At the system level, the IESO is projecting an increasing deficit of generation capacity starting in 2025. The primary causes for the estimated shortfall are: 1) increasing demand, 2) retirement and refurbishment of Ontario’s nuclear fleet, and 3) expiring contracts at existing facilities.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is a high priority for the IESO. As a result of this forecasted regional and system wide shortfall, the IESO launched the Expedited Long-Term Request for Proposal (E-LT1 RFP) process which aims to procure 1,500 MW of capacity from new facilities across Ontario, at least 900 MW of which is intended to comprise energy storage facilities. Under this E-LT1 RFP process, projects awarded an IESO contract have a target operation date of May 2025 to May 2026.

The IESO is planning to award contracts under this procurement in May or June of 2023.

Project location

The BESS is proposed immediately southwest of the existing GPS facility, within the same property owned by Capital Power, municipally referred to as 8600 Goreway Drive (43.7462, -79.6820), City of Brampton, Region of Peel.

Project details

Conceptual layout of the Goreway BESS Project

The BESS itself would consist of interconnected, weather-proof modular enclosures that are managed and operated as a single unit. The BESS enclosures are similar in size to shipping containers, approximately 9 metres (m) long, 3 m wide, and 2 m tall, depending on the manufacturer. Each BESS enclosure is fully sealed, centrally controlled, and individually temperature monitored. Each enclosure has its own heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to ensure optimum performance.

The area encompassing the BESS installation will be approximately 0.65 hectares (1.6 acres) in size and is proposed within the fence line of the GPS property. The project is being designed to not disturb the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) Regulated Area along Mimico Creek and adheres to the City of Brampton’s Zoning By-law setbacks.

The BESS site will be accessed via the existing GPS driveway and parking lot during construction and operation. The construction phase will be approximately one year in duration, and will include site preparation, foundation and laneway construction, component delivery and installation, including crane(s) required for placement of the BESS modules, and post-construction site restoration of temporary construction areas.

The temporary construction storage and equipment laydown areas will be located within the existing GPS property.

Subject to selection by the IESO, construction is currently anticipated to begin in Spring 2024, upon completion of regulatory permitting and approvals.

Regulatory process

Various permitting and approval processes will be completed before the project can proceed. In addition to municipal requirements, these will include the Class Environmental Assessment for Minor Transmission Facilities process and provincial approvals related to noise and stormwater. Ongoing engagement with the public and Indigenous communities will be a key part of these regulatory processes.

Consultation and engagement

We value and consider local community interests. We engage government, employees, local communities, investors, shareholders, and Indigenous communities. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or want to be added to the project mailing list.

Public information session

We will be holding an open house on the project in 2023. Information on this event will be sent to all stakeholders, advertised locally and shared on this webpage.

Project Contact

Jay Shukin

Phone: 1-855-703-5005
Email: [email protected]