Halkirk Wind

​​​​​​​​Facility Information

Capital Power’s 150-megawatt (MW) Halkirk Wind facility located near Halkirk, Alberta, began commercial operation on December 1, 2012, ahead of schedule and under budget.

The energy generated at Halkirk is sold into the Alberta spot market for electricity. The Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Halkirk Wind are sold by Capital Power to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) under terms of a 20-year fixed-price agreement.

RECs are the environmental attributes related to renewable power generation. Utilities in California can purchase RECs as a commodity that is separate from the energy associated with the RECs. Capital Power’s agreement with PG&E is for RECs only.

Facility Facts

​Name​Halkirk Wind
​Location​Halkirk, Alberta, Canada
Fuel Source​Wind
Year Commissioned​2012
Owned Capacity​150 MW

 One of Alberta's largest wind facilities



The Halkirk Wind Project consists of 83 turbines supplied by Vestas-Canadian Wind Technology Inc., the same technology used by Capital Power at its Quality Wind facility in British Columbia and its Port Dover & Nanticoke Project in Ontario.

Each of the Vestas V-90 1.8 MW turbines consists of a number of large components: four tower sections, one nacelle, one hub and three blades. The turbines sit atop 80-metre high towers. The rotor blades have a diameter of 90 metres.


Community Engagement

On September 19, 2012, Capital Power held a BBQ and community event in Halkirk to provide local residents with an opportunity to put their mark on history by signing a 44-metre long Vestas wind turbine blade. The blade, hoisted into place on wind turbine #52, is now generating clean power for Albertans.

View the October newsletter for the location of the turbine on a map.

 Halkirk Blade Signing

 Community Benefits


Working with Landowners

We value our relationships with landowners and we work closely with Halkirk-area landowners to minimize construction and project impacts.


Facility Facts

  • Halkirk Wind began commercial operations on December 1, 2012, ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • Finals costs for the 150-megawatt Halkirk Wind facility were approximately 12% below its $357 million budget, including acquisition costs.

  • Halkirk Wind is one of Alberta's largest wind-power facilities. It produces enough energy for up to 50,000 homes (based on average household energy use of 1,000 kWh/month).

  • The Halkirk Wind Project is located on approximately 15,000 acres (10,000 ha) of private land in Paintearth County No. 18 (40 km east of Stettler in east-central Alberta).

  • Halkirk consists of 83 Vestas V-90 turbines, which each produce 1.8 MW of power. The V-90 model was used on 35 of the 79 turbines at the Quality Wind facility, which was commissioned in November 2012, and also at the Port Dover & Nanticoke Wind Project, commissioned in November 2013 in Ontario.

 Competitive Advantage




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