Clover Bar Landfill Gas


Clover Bar Landfill Gas Fact Sheet.pdfClover Bar Landfill Gas Fact Sheet

 Facility Information

  • Located at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • All output from the facility purchased by City of Edmonton.

  • Produces enough energy to power approximately 4,600 homes annually.

  • Powered by methane gas produced by decomposing organic material. Methane is 21 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Transforming it into electricity allows it to be used as resource rather than polluting the atmosphere.

  • The facility is one of Capital Power’s carbon offset projects.


Facility Facts

​Name​Clover Bar Landfill Gas
​Location​Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fuel Source​Landfill gas
Year Commissioned​2005
Owned Capacity5 MW
% Owned/Operated100/100


Last reviewed: January 2016