Clover Bar Energy Centre
Clover Bar Energy Centre


Clover Bar Energy Centre Fact Sheet.pdfClover Bar Energy Centre Fact Sheet

​​​​​​​Facility Information

  • Three highly-efficient natural-gas turbines power up from standstill to full load in 10 minutes to give Capital Power flexibility to respo​nd to sudden changes in supply and demand.

  • Higher efficiency of the General Electric LMS 100s help Capital Power offer competitive peaking capacity and capture greater margins from peak power prices.

  • Clover Bar’s peaking units provide Capital Power with additional flexibility to optimize its Alberta power portfolio.

  • Power generated is sold on the open Alberta electricity market.

  • The facility uses approximately 85% less water per megawatt hour (MWh) than the former Clover Bar facility.

  • Combined, the new turbines produce about 70% less nitrogen oxides per MWh of electricity generated at full capacity, compared to the former facility.

Facility Facts

​Clover Bar Energy Centre
​Location​Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fuel Source​Natural gas
Year Commissioned

​Unit 1 - 2008

Unit 2 & 3 - 2009

Owned Capacity​243 MW

Last reviewed: April 2017