Genesee 3
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Facility Information

  • Built and operated by Capital Power and jointly owned with TransAlta.  

  • Built on time, on budget, and with one of the best safety records for construction in the industry. 

  • One of the most advanced, fuel-efficient, and environmentally-progressive coal-fired facilities in Canada. 

  • Canada's first power generation facility to use supercritical combustion technology for greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. 

  • One of the lowest variable-cost, baseload generators in Alberta.

  • Enjoys a competitive position in a market with shrinking reserve margins and planned coal-unit retirements. 

  • Dispatches a minimum (net) 176 MW of power to the grid. Above that minimum, Capital Power and TransAlta each independently dispatch their 50% share of power.  

  • Capital Power’s share of the power generated contributes to the company’s pool of electricity to sell on Alberta’s wholesale electricity market. 

  • Environmental performance is enhanced by supercritical combustion and clean air technologies, which achieves greater efficiency and lower CO2, NOand SO2 emissions per megawatt compared to older technologies. 

  • CO2 emissions are approximately 24% lower than emissions from recently retired coal-fired generation in Alberta.

Facility Facts

​Name​Genesee 3
​LocationWarburg, Alberta, Canada Genesee​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Fuel Source​Coal
Year Commissioned​2005
Owned Capacity​258 MW*
*516-MW facility jointly owned with TransAlta, operated by Capital Power ​ ​ ​

G3's clean-air technology includes:

  • Fabric filters that stop 99.8% of particulate matter from reaching the atmosphere. 

  • A flue gas desulphurization unit that brings sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions well below the provincial emission standard, and less than half the emissions produced by vintage facilities. 

  • Low nitrous oxide (NOx) burners that reduce NOx emissions by 70%.

Peregrines at Genesee

​Peregrine falcons have made a resurgence throughout North America and can often be found nesting in urban and industrialized areas on tall, human-built structures.

The Genesee facility has hosted nesting falcons since the early 1990s. Learn more about the Peregrine falcons nesting at Genesee 3.

Peregrine Falcon



Last reviewed: October 2016