Genesee 1 & 2


Facility Information

  • Baseload units that regularly run at or near full production capacity

  • Excellent operating histories, as measured by high availability

  • The generation capacity is subject to a Power Purchase Agreement with the Alberta Balancing Pool, in effect until December 31, 2020

  • The long-term, contracted cash flows, together with low fuel-supply risks, contributes to the overall financial stability of Capital Power’s portfolio of assets

  • Costs associated with compliance with changes in environmental regulation are passed through to the PPA holder under a change of law provision 

Facility Facts

​Name​Genesee 1 & 2
​LocationWarburg, Alberta, Canada
Fuel Source​Coal
Year Commissioned

​Unit 1 - 1994
Unit 2 - 1989
Owned Capacity​860 MW (combined)

Mining and Reclamation

  • Coal is supplied by the adjacent Genesee Mine, which is a 50/50 joint venture between Capital Power and Westmoreland.

  • A comprehensive mining and land reclamation plan designed to return mined land back into agricultural production

  • Other land use initiatives include land leasing, cattle grazing and environmental monitoring

  Capital Power Land Use Guidelines for Genesee Station and Mine


Last reviewed: April 2016


Genesee 1 and 2 Fact Sheet.pdfGenesee 1 and 2 Fact Sheet
Genesee Tour Brochure (2016).pdfGenesee Tour Brochure (2016)
2010 November Genesee Open House Information.pdf2010 November Genesee Open House Information
2011 June Genesee Open House Information.pdf2011 June Genesee Open House Information
Genesee Land Use Guidelines.pdfGenesee Land Use Guidelines
Genesee Landowner Information Package.pdfGenesee Landowner Information Package
Genesee Mine Extension Timeline.pdfGenesee Mine Extension Timeline
Genesee Mine Proposed Area Extension.pdfGenesee Mine Proposed Area Extension
Genesee Mine Proposed Road Plan.pdfGenesee Mine Proposed Road Plan