Kingsbridge 1 Wind Power

Name: Kingsbridge 1
Location: Near Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Fuel source: Wind
Type of generating plant: Wind turbine
Year commissioned: 2001 | 2006
Owned Capacity: 40 MW
% Owned/Operated: 100/100

Kingsbridge Wind Power facility 


Facility Facts

  • Kingsbridge 1 is a 40-megawatt (MW) wind facility comprising 22 Vestas V-80 turbines and one 660 kW Vestas V-47 turbine.

  • Each turbine tower is approximately 80 metres tall with 40-metre long blades. Each turbine produces up to 1.8 MW of power.

  • The project is located on privately-owned leased lands in the Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh in southwestern Ontario.

  • Kingsbridge 1 operates under the terms of two energy-supply contracts with the Ontario Power Authority. The contracts expire in 2027.

  • Receives wind power production incentive payments, to a maximum of approximately $1.1 million annually, from the Government of Canada's Wind Power Production Incentive Program (through to March 2016).

  • Kingsbridge 1 is one of the best-performing wind farms across the Vestas global footprint due to its high availability and reliability.


Last reviewed: June 2014