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2015 Annual Report2016-03-162456 KB
http://www.capitalpower.com/InvestorRelations/FinancialReporting/PublishingImages/2014%20Annual%20Report.jpg2014 Annual Report2015-03-182556 KB
http://www.capitalpower.com/InvestorRelations/FinancialReporting/PublishingImages/2013_Annual_Report.jpg2013 Annual Report2014-03-202678 KB
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2016 Management Proxy Circular.pdf2016 Management Proxy Circular2016-03-17873 KB
2015 Management Proxy Circular.PDF2015 Management Proxy Circular2015-03-18732 KB
2014 Management Proxy Circular.pdf2014 Management Proxy Circular2014-03-181343 KB
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2015 Annual Information Form.pdf2015 Annual Information Form2016-03-17496 KB
2014 Annual Information Form.PDF2014 Annual Information Form2015-03-27434 KB
2013 Annual Information Form.pdf2013 Annual Information Form2014-03-18977 KB
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2012 Prospectus Supplement.pdf2012 Prospectus Supplement2012-12-11402 KB
2011 Prospectus Treasury Offering of Common Shares.pdf2011 Prospectus Treasury Offering of Common Shares2011-03-14122 KB
2011 Pricing Supplement Medium Term Notes Offering.pdf2011 Pricing Supplement Medium Term Notes Offering2011-03-1438 KB
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CPLP Consolidated Financial Statements Year-end 2015.pdfCPLP Consolidated Financial Statements Year-end 20152016-02-181134 KB
CPLP Consolidated Financial Statement Q2 2016.pdfCPLP Consolidated Financial Statement Q2 20162016-07-25293 KB
CPLP Consolidated Financial Statement Q1 2016.pdfCPLP Consolidated Financial Statement Q1 20162016-04-25253 KB

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