Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

Advancing SMR nuclear technology for Alberta

We’ve partnered with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) on a feasibility study to assess the development and deployment of grid-scale small modular reactors (SMRs) to provide clean, reliable nuclear energy for Alberta.

OPG generates about 50 per cent of the electricity used in Ontario every day, through its diverse portfolio of generating assets. This includes ownership of 20 nuclear reactors in Ontario. OPG operates 10 of those reactors, with the remainder under lease to a long-term operator. OPG is a recognized world leader in nuclear operations with more than five decades of experience.

Under the agreement, we’ll share lessons learned, best practices and operating experience, as well as industry and market knowledge.

Key Facts

  • SMRs are being pursued by jurisdictions worldwide to power the growing demand for clean electricity and energy security. In Canada, the governments of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick jointly released a Strategic Plan in 2022 for the deployment of SMRs.
  • OPG is building North America’s first fleet of SMRs at its Darlington New Nuclear site in Ontario. The construction of the first of four SMRs will be completed by the end of 2028, and the unit will be online by the end of 2029.
  • To be conducted within two years, the feasibility study will assess the economics of SMR investment in Alberta’s competitive market, and support mechanisms that will be required to support deployment given capital costs, development timelines, risks, and other investment considerations associated with SMR technology. These may include tax and financial measures, offtake agreements, among others.
  • Capital Power and OPG will work together on an exclusive basis to develop a business plan, including developing a strategy for public consultation with government, industry, Indigenous nations and communities, and the general public.

“We are excited to partner with and learn from OPG, a world-leader in nuclear power production. The deployment of SMR technology will provide an important source of safe, reliable, flexible, affordable, and clean base load electricity in Alberta in the future.”

Avik Dey, President and CEO


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