Bryan DeNeve

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Commercial Services

Bryan is responsible for business development and commercial activities across North America, which includes growing our fleet, maximizing the value of our existing assets as well as optimizing them for the future.

Prior to his current role and most recently, for over five years Bryan served as Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Capital Power where he raised over $2 billion in the combined debt and equity capital markets to support Capital Power’s growth initiatives.

Bryan has also served as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Commercial Services, and Vice President, Business Development, at Capital Power. In those roles, Bryan led several large developments, acquisitions and divestitures including the Shepard Energy Centre and the Genesee 4 and 5 ENMAX partnership agreements, the Halkirk, Quality, PDN and K2 Wind development projects, the acquisition and subsequent divestiture of three New England assets, and the acquisition of Island Generation.


  • Previous Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, EPCOR
  • Previous, Alberta Department of Energy with roles in development and implementation of the deregulated electricity market
  • MBA, University of Alberta
  • Graduate, Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program
  • Board Member, Alberta Chamber of Resources
  • Board Chair, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member, United Way, Alberta Capital Region

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