Excellence in Action: Delivering Responsible Energy for 2020

By Brian Vaasjo, President and Chief Executive Officer

As we kick off 2020 and venture into a new decade, Capital Power continues to be committed to driving innovation, growing our business and optimizing our operations to deliver Responsible Energy for Tomorrow.

Over the past ten years, we’ve established the foundation of our company as a credible, competent, creative and competitive owner and operator of power generation assets. We are a wholesale North American power producer that engages in meaningful growth alongside maintaining an industry-leading fleet in terms of performance and availability. In 2020, we will continue down this path with a focus on enhancing our operations through innovation and ingenuity – we are collecting more data, finding more efficiencies, and driving better results across the board to deliver value both in the short- and long-term. At Capital Power, we’ve nurtured a culture of excellence and action – driven by our people. They are our competitive advantage. Our employees are anticipating the future, evolving our tactics and seeking opportunities for innovation across the board. Digitization, optimization and collaboration across our company are crucial as we move into the new decade and continue to position Capital Power as the power company of tomorrow.

Culture of Excellence

I am immensely proud of the people who make up Capital Power. Our employees are experts and innovators in their field and relentlessly seek excellence. In our organization, we tend not to be satisfied – in the best way. We are consistently driven to do better, think deeper and deliver exceptional results. From pursuing upgrades to our existing fleet to developing leading-edge reporting practices, innovation is happening in every department at Capital Power. A great example of this is the recent turbine upgrade at our Decatur Energy Centre in Alabama. Our engineering team diligently assessed and modelled the potential to improve efficiency and output at the facility, as well as reduce emissions. This upgrade has achieved those ends and resulted in an additional 30 MWs of output capacity, enhancing the facility’s ability to now deliver 825 MW of reliable generation capacity to the Southeastern Electric Reliability Council (SERC) market.

Another example of innovation in action at our company is our transition to integrated reporting. Our sustainability working group is collaborating closely to strengthen our reporting practices through the development of our inaugural integrated report – combining financial, environment, social and governance (ESG) data to holistically disclose our company’s results and actions. This is an industry-leading pursuit that showcases our dedication to going beyond – we don’t simply do what is required of us but are committed to driving change.

Culture of Action

Capital Power’s success over the past 10 years, and our continued success into the future, is due to our people. Our organization may have a simple structure with one primary line of business, but our people are consistently engaged in empowering projects and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Combined with our depth of talent, these work experiences and challenges we set for ourselves year after year breeds leadership. We utilize our people. We do the work ourselves and this culture of action starts at the top with our Executive team. I am proud to work alongside this tremendous group of experienced and thoughtful leaders who are hands on and put in the work each day to actively support their teams and advance our business goals.

A significant example of our culture of action is the construction and commissioning of our Whitla Wind 1 facility in 2019. Whitla Wind 1 represents a major achievement for our company as it was the first wind project that Capital Power has pursued as being the prime construction manager. This was a substantial undertaking by our company (learn more about the challenges and successes of this project in our blog Whitla Wind: Transforming Headwinds into Wind Energy Success ) and our success in delivering this project on time and on budget attests to the skill and dedication of our employees to go above and beyond and perform under pressure. The way I’ve seen people in this company respond to the challenges we face and targets we set continues to surprise me. Our employees flourish and consistently deliver an outstanding job.

At Capital Power, we are delivering responsible, reliable power and driving a low-carbon energy future. We are committed to and passionate about our business and I look forward to the results our team delivers in 2020.

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