Investment Overview

 Capital Power's Value Proposition

Capital Power (TSX: CPX) is a growth-oriented North American power producer headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. The company develops, acquires, operates and optimizes power generation from a variety of energy sources.

Capital Power owns more than 3,200 megawatts of power generation capacity at 18 facilities across North America. More than 700 megawatts of owned generation capacity is in advanced development in Alberta and Kansas.

The Company’s young and modern fleet generates power from natural gas, coal and solid fuels, and wind.

Capital Power’s strategy is to create shareholder value through continued operational excellence, maintaining our financial flexibility and strength, and disciplined growth.

The Company has a straight-forward business model that focuses on providing stable and growing cash flows from a balanced portfolio of long-term contracts and merchant components, which is supported by an investment grade credit rating.

Capital Power’s common and preferred shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trade respectively under the symbol CPX, CPX.PR.A and CPX.PR.C.

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Last reviewed: January 2016