Repowering Genesee

Reducing Emissions through Natural Gas Innovation

We’re prioritizing delivering reliable, affordable and decarbonized power that communities can depend on, building decarbonized power systems needed for tomorrow, and creating real net zero solutions on our journey to net zero by 2045. This is being done through emissions-reducing projects, including repowering our Genesee facility to utilize 100% natural gas and move off-coal. 

Located entirely within the footprint of our existing Genesee Generating Station, the repowering project involves installing two new Mitsubishi M501JAC gas-fired combustion turbines and Vogt triple-pressure heat recovery steam generators, while utilizing the unit’s existing steam turbine generators.  

The two repowered units will provide an additional 512 megawatts (MW) of net capacity totaling 1,332 MW. The repowered assets will utilize best-in-class natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) technology and are expected to set a new standard for gas generation efficiency in Canada.   

Genesee 1 & 2 are scheduled to become dedicated NGCC units in 2024 which will take Capital Power off coal. Both units will be converted to run in simple cycle mode before the completion of the repowering of each unit. 

In addition, our Genesee 3 facility completed upgrades in 2023, enabling it to burn 100% natural gas as its primary fuel source – an essential step in moving the entire Genesee Generating Station off coal. 

Environmental Benefits

Following repowering and coal-to-gas upgrades, the repowered units will have improved emission intensity, performance, and competitiveness and when complete, will immediately reduce our emissions at Genesee by 3.4 million tonnes annually (from 2019 levels). Overall, significant environmental benefits are expected, including:

  • 40% reduction in emissions from the Genesee site
  • ~60% decrease in carbon emissions intensity from ~0.93 tonnes of CO2e per MWh when burning coal to 0.36 tonnes CO2e per MWh
  • Over 80% decrease in NOx emissions intensity
  • At least 50% water usage reduction for the repowered units

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