Repowering Genesee

Reducing Emissions through Natural Gas Innovation

We’re innovating thermal generation to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and power a sustainable future for people and planet. In support of our net zero by 2045 goal, we’re repowering our Genesee facility to utilize 100% natural gas and move off-coal.

Located entirely within the footprint of our existing Genesee Generating Station, the repowering project involves installing new gas-fired combustion turbines and heat recovery steam generators, while utilizing the existing steam turbine generators. The two repowered units will provide an additional 538 megawatts (MW) of net capacity. The repowered assets will utilize best-in-class natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) technology and are expected to set a new standard for gas generation efficiency in Canada. Based on the NGCC repowering project schedule, Genesee 1 and Genesee 2 will become dedicated NGCC units in 2024. Both units will be converted to run in simple cycle mode before the completion of the repowering of each unit.

There are significant environmental benefits expected from the project, including reduction in emissions associated with coal-fired power generation such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate and mercury emissions. The carbon emissions intensity of using natural gas as a fuel source will decrease CO2 by approximately 40% when compared to emissions when the units are running on coal. In addition, overall water usage for the repowered units will be reduced with the new technology by at least half.

In 2023, Genesee Unit 3 completed a coal-to-gas upgrade and is now capable of operating on 100% natural gas. 

Following repowering and coal-to-gas upgrades, our Genesee facility will achieve significant environmental benefits including carbon dioxide emissions expected to be approximately 3.4 million tonnes per year lower than 2019 emission levels.

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