Jacquie Pylypiuk named as one of the 2021 Best Executive Awards winners

We’re so proud of Jacquie Pylypiuk for her work at Capital Power and earning this well-deserved recognition. The 2021 Best Executive Awards by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business celebrate ‘the best of Canadian leadership’ – Jacquie has been recognized as one of 50 corporate leaders delivering excellence in 2021 and is one of the ten winners featured under the ‘Human Resources’ category. Learn why we nominated Jacquie for this award below!

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How would you sum up Jacquie’s leadership style?

Empathetic collaborator.

Why does Jacquie deserve this award?

Jacquie is a compassionate leader, committed to collaboration and passionate about her people. She actively seeks opportunities to uplift, empower and engage our employees across North America through her work – pushing the boundaries of what People Services can be for an organization. As a Chartered Accountant and Certified Human Resources Professional with over 25 years of experience, Jacquie has applied her insight and leadership to enhance Capital Power’s programming to deliver a compelling employee experience through building a culture of care and integrity, enabling meaningful leadership and career development opportunities, and creating a robust benefits package that supports the holistic wellbeing, both physically and mentally, of our employees and their families.

Capital Power generates electricity – an essential service for our communities and businesses – one that must continue uninterrupted to keep our lights on despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jacquie’s impact on our organization has been clearly demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as she took the lead in coordinating our organization’s COVID-19 pandemic response, including developing and implementing plans to comprehensively protect, care and support our people and their families first and foremost, and to ensure we continue to generate electricity safely and reliably for our communities. Jacquie’s natural ability to lead by example, demonstrate empathy and be inclusive in all her actions uplifted and engaged our employees to be their best, take care of each other and stand strong in our duty. Through an employee survey in the spring of 2020, results showed that our people’s trust of leadership to navigate challenges in the wake of the pandemic was at 90% – an overwhelmingly positive result that can be directly attributed to Jacquie’s efforts, which transitioned into her elevated role from Vice President, Human Resources to Senior Vice President, People, Culture and Technology in July 2020.