Driving transformative change through partnership, innovation and leadership

We’ve joined Energy Futures Lab 2.0 (EFL) as a funding partner to help develop and create our sustainable energy future. The Energy Futures Lab is focused on building the energy system the future requires of us – something that is sustainable for the environment and that creates jobs in Alberta’s resource-based economy. The lab is about bringing together industry, government, universities, First Nations and NGO’s to find real pragmatic solutions that enable energy system transformation.

On February 12, a diverse group of energy innovators and partner organizations gathered at the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) Summit in Calgary to officially launch EFL 2.0. The Summit explored the leadership role the EFL can play in helping accelerate progress in the context of the urgent need for action and the growing polarization on energy issues in Alberta and Canada.

Contributing our leadership and expertise

Capital Power - Energy Futures Lab - Daniel Jurijew - James Renouf “Creating a sustainable energy future for generations to come is a big, complex topic that requires collaboration and expertise from across the board. The EFL brings together this diversity of leadership to work on advancing and deploying the range of innovations that will be required in Alberta and nationally to achieve responsible, future-ready power. These include operational innovations to improve the performance of existing investments as well as more transformational innovations such as carbon capture and utilization that can mark a step-change towards addressing environmental objectives across multiple sectors and support the creation of new industries,” explains Kate Chisholm, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer.

As a partner of the EFL, Kate Chisholm will represent Capital Power on the Steering Committee, Daniel Jurijew will join the Partner’s Council and James Renouf is a Fellow. We will help to serve as a bridge between the work of the lab and the broader innovation ecosystem and bring our expertise with a focus on carbon capture and utilization as a key to Canada’s energy future.