Construction Ramps Up at our Cardinal Point Wind Project

2019- Capital Power - Cardinal Point Wind
Main project transformer on its foundation

Construction of our Cardinal Point Wind Project is moving along on schedule. Crews are expected to increase to more than 250 workers as turbine components are delivered.

 Reaching a Project Milestone

The project achieved a significant milestone on July 24, 2019 with the arrival of the main project transformer for the facility’s substation. In preparation for the delivery, crews completed the concrete pad for the transformer.

Wind Turbine Delivery and Assembly

Crews are busy building the 60 concrete foundations in advance of turbine delivery and assembly. On July 29, the project’s turbine assembly contractor began setting up its main cranes: one in the northern half of the site; one in the southern half. Turbine deliveries will commence on August 5 and are expected to finish by late September.

Collector Line Installation

Crews are also beginning work on the project’s underground collector line system. Two trenching machines will be used to install a trench to bury the approximately 37 miles of electrical collector lines. The lines will be buried to a depth of five feet.

2019- Capital Power - Cardinal Point Wind
Multiple trucks carrying components for one of the two main cranes that will be used to assemble the 60 wind turbines
2019- Capital Power - Cardinal Point Wind
Work is underway on the collector line system

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