Supplier Information

Capital Power is always interested in working with new and innovative companies from which to grow our supplier base and to create partnerships.

It is important to know that we do not maintain a prequalified vendor list but rather we typically run a competitive process (RFQ or RFP) at the time a specific good or service is required.  The information included here is intended to provide suppliers with a reasonable understanding of our minimum standard requirements should you be selected to participate in such a competitive process.

Health, Safety and Environment

Selecting contractors that best meet internal and government safety requirements is an important and necessary element in achieving our operational and health and safety objectives. 

In support of this requirement, Capital Power has selected ISNetworld, a third party independent company to review and grade contractor performance to meet our standards. They are a global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers.  You can link your company to Capital Power in ISNetworld. Doing so will improve the chances of your organization being considered for the next opportunity. 

Capital Power’s also has specific Contractor Health Safety and Environment Requirements that must followed for all work done on a Capital Power site.  These requirements have been scaled to the type of service work to be performed and can be found below.  Note that the HSE requirements for large scale/major projects will be reviewed with potential contractors at the time of an RFP and have not been included on this site.

General Terms and Conditions, and Insurance Requirements

Capital Power has developed standard Terms and Conditions, as well defined Contractor Insurance Requirements, to be applied to most work done with Capital Power (outside major projects). 

Policies for Contractors