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Powering Change by Changing Power
Capital Power is a growth-oriented North American power producer headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. The company develops, acquires, owns, and operates power generation facilities using a variety of energy sources.
Sustainability: Discover how we create dependable, cost-effective and innovative electricity solutions to power a sustainable and low-carbon future for generations to come. We are delivering Responsible Energy for Tomorrow.
Stay up to date with the latest Capital Power financial results and investor/shareholder/analyst resources, including presentations, reporting and preferred share information.
Our commitment to improving the quality of life where we live and work pushes us to find new and creative ways of strengthening our communities. We work with community members and invest in citizen-led projects to preserve and strengthen community character, ecology, and heritage. By supporting meaningful, grassroots initiatives and programs, we help create healthy and sustainable communities.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity are the scope of differences. Equity and inclusion is involvement and action. Here are some examples of how we’re making Equity, Diversity and Inclusion part of our everyday operations at all levels of the company.
We are focused on solving one of the most important issues facing society – how to reduce our carbon footprint and create sustainable energy for tomorrow. We recognize innovation as the key to creating a sustainable energy future for generations to come.
Our impact on the environment is something we take seriously, think about daily, and have been working on to ensure a sustainable future since 2009. Today, we’re laying the groundwork to meet our...