2018 Corporate Sustainability Report

Delivering Responsible Energy for Tomorrow

2018 Corporate Sustainability Report- Capital Power- Responsible Energy for Tomorrow

Today, we released our 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report, showcasing Capital Power’s leadership in environmental stewardship and innovation in energy.

At Capital Power, we’re driven by our purpose: delivering Responsible Energy for Tomorrow. Beyond providing dependable and cost-effective solutions to meet our existing power needs, we’re focused on our long-term vision for a future powered by sustainable energy sources and the road to net-zero emissions by 2050. We are committed to providing value for our stakeholders by facilitating this transition to a future powered by low-carbon energy.

This year, our reporting practice was updated to be compliant with the Global Reporting Initiative’s most current standard, the ‘GRI Standards’. Our 2018 report outlines our sustainability targets, highlights our company-wide environmental, economic, social and safety performance and describes our management approach to delivering low-carbon energy. We’ve also eliminated printed copies of our report this year, making it available exclusively online and as a downloadable PDF.

Doing our Part for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability requires a global solution; everyone must do their part to think sustainably and take actions that reduce their impact on the environment and create a better future. At Capital Power, we believe doing our part starts with measuring and understanding our environmental impacts. We’ve identified targets to guide our business, drive proactive innovation and benchmark our long-term sustainability performance. Our sustainability targets include:

  • Constructing all new natural gas generation units to be carbon capture and/or hydrogen-ready;
  • Reducing our actual CO2 emissions at Genesee by 50% by 2030 from 2005 levels;
  • Reducing our actual CO2 emissions by 10%, and our emission intensity by 65%, by 2030 from 2005 levels (based on our current fleet), in spite of increasing our generation by 145%, and;
  • Investing in carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technology such as C2CNT to eventually decarbonize our natural gas fleet.

To learn more, visit capitalpower.com/sustainability and check out our 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report.

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