Genesee Generating Station

Alberta, Canada

Genesee Generating Station

We are leading the way toward a low-carbon future by investing in world-leading efficiency and emissions reduction technologies at our Genesee Generating Station to provide responsible energy for tomorrow. Located west of Edmonton near Warburg, AB, the Genesee facility consists of three generating units which provide over 1,300 MW of baseload generation to Albertans.

Quick Facts

  • We’re repowering our Genesee 1 & 2 to utilize best-in-class natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) technology, positioning them to be the most efficient NGCC units in Canada when completed.
  • Genesee 3 completed a coal-to-gas upgrade and is now 100% natural gas-fueled.
  • Following gas conversion and repowering, physical carbon dioxide emissions at the Genesee facility will be approximately 3.4 million tonnes per year lower than 2019 emission levels.
  •  Genesee Carbon Conversion Centre (GC3) in development; set to be the largest commercial scale production facility of carbon nanotubes globally.
  • A carbon capture and storage (CCS) project is also in development for Genesee, alongside a collaboration with Enbridge on the development of an open access carbon hub near the facility. In December 2022, the project received Limited Notice to Proceed approval from our Board of Directors.

Genesee Carbon Conversion Centre (GC3)

Capital Power is proceeding with plans to build the world’s largest commercial scale production facility of carbon nanotubes at our Genesee Generating Station. GC3 will utilize emissions from the facility alongside C2CNT technology, a carbon conversion solution that transforms emissions into highly valuable carbon nanotubes.  Learn more.


Genesee Generating Station
1 & 2


Fuel Source:
Coal and Natural Gas

Year Commissioned:
Unit 1 – 1994
Unit 2 – 1989

Owned Capacity:
880 MW (combined)



Genesee Generating Station 3


Fuel Source:
Coal and Natural Gas

Year Commissioned:

Owned Capacity:
516 MW


Genesee Generating Station consists of some of Alberta’s youngest and most efficient thermal generation units. This reliable facility supports the Alberta energy market with baseload power supply and contributes to the economic well-being of the community it operates in. Repowering to best-in-class natural gas units will reduce emissions by 3.4 million tonnes per year and continue to deliver responsible energy for our future.
Sean Furey
VP, Thermal Operations West

Genesee Mine

The Genesee Mine operation, located in Leduc County, is a 50/50 joint venture between Capital Power LP and Westmoreland Coal Company. The Genesee Mine will cease operations as the facility transitions to natural gas in 2023. Reclamation work will continue at the mine to return the land to its natural state. See ‘Environmental Initiatives’ section below for further details on our comprehensive reclamation activities.

Reducing Waste and Downstream Emissions – Genesee Mine Ash Recovery Project

More than 99% of the fly ash produced at Genesee is captured by our emission-control systems and then sold for use in the cement industry or stored in approved ash disposal sites within the Genesee Mine. The facility’s transition to natural gas will eliminate the regular supply of fly ash available to these cement manufacturers.

In May 2021, we applied for approval to construct an ash processing facility within the Genesee Mine that can process landfill fly ash for use in cement. Utilizing our existing supply of stored fly ash, this project will recycle that waste and decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the production of cement and concrete.

Further information about the proposed project can be found in our Winter 2021 Genesee Connection newsletter.

Environmental Initiatives

Land Reclamation:

The Genesee Mine license includes a comprehensive land reclamation plan, including the re-establishment of wetlands and natural creek bodies, and the development of wildlife corridors. The plan also includes topics such as soil recovery and management of noise, dust, surface water and groundwater. Current reclamation activities include:

  • Planting spruce, aspen and willow seedlings to create a more diverse landscape that can sustain multiple land uses
  • Renting reclaimed land to local farmers to use for crops such as canola, barley, wheat, and alfalfa, or to use as pastureland for cattle
  • Bluebird nesting box project to increase Mountain Bluebird populations and encourage nesting of other valuable species
  • Supporting research in live root transfer, aspen seedling selection and the establishment of hybrid poplar plantations as ways to create forested areas as part of the reclaimed mine lands
  • Wetlands management
  • Re-establishment of creeks and drainage channels
  • Incorporation of wildlife corridors
  • Planting trees along shelter belts
  • Establishment of dugouts

Peregrines at Genesee:

Peregrine falcons have made a resurgence throughout North America and can often be found nesting in urban and industrialized areas on tall, human-built structures. The Genesee facility has hosted nesting falcons since the early 1990s. Learn More

Community Investment and Involvement

At Capital Power, we contribute to the communities in which we operate with the aim of building a sustainable future for all. We engage our neighbours, consider their interests and build real relationships. We aim to source supplies and services locally for our operations, as well as hire from the community. At the Genesee Generating Station:

  • We employ more than 200 permanent employees.
    • We recognize that transitioning Genesee to natural gas will result in a reduction of staff at the facility, and we’re committed to helping transition staff to new careers or supporting their path to retirement.
  • We pay approximately $5,986,000 in property and linear tax each year, contributing annually to community tax bases, supporting the improvement of infrastructure, roadways, and community services.

We give back where we live and work by supporting local organizations and our employees’ community participation through our corporate giving programs.

Recent community giving:

  • Pioneer Agricultural Society Heritage Day
  • Community Easter Egg Hunt
  • Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) – Volunteer appreciation; Seniors Week; Summer Programs
  • Light Up Warburg
  • Thorsby Jr / Sr High School Rodeo
  • Leduc County’s Genesee Park
  • Warburg School
  • Warburg Family Halloween Dance
  • Thorsby & District Malanka Festival
  • Warburg Community BBQ and Chili Cook Off


Connecting with our Neighbours

Capital Power’s relationship with our neighbours is an important focus of our Genesee operations. We have a number of ways for community members to connect with us:

  • Speak or meet with our Genesee Land Manager
  • Read information in the Genesee Connection newsletter
  • Attend project-specific open houses
  • Attend a mine, reclamation, crop, plant or station tour
  • In-person at Good Neighbour breakfast meetings with Leduc County and Village of Warburg Council members and staff 2-3 times annually

*Note: All in person meetings are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Virtual options to connect with Capital Power are available.

Hunting on Genesee Land

The hunting program allows access to portions of Capital Power land to hunt big game and waterfowl under specific conditions:

  • High powered rifles are not permitted.
  • Bow hunting, Black powder rifles and Shotguns with slugs are allowed.
  • The Provincial Hunting regulations shall apply in all situations.
  • Access is granted and managed through Hunting for Tomorrow (AHEIA)

To register, please contact Chuck Strong at 780-466-6682 or [email protected].

The pheasant hunting program is managed in partnership with the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA). A permit is required to hunt on the pheasant release site. Information can be found on the website:

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