We rallied together with our employees and raised $365,000 to fight poverty!

At Capital Power, we’re passionate about giving back to our communities where we live and work. Last month, we rallied together across our company to give back through our ‘GENerosity: Let’s Rally Together’ matched giving campaign – which provided an unlimited company match for employee donations to poverty-fighting charities in our communities.

We’re pleased to announce that we raised an impressive  $365,000 for  local  poverty-fighting  charities and community organizations in 1 week! Some of the impactful organizations we supported include:

We’re so proud of the spirit of giving and commitment to our communities that our employees demonstrate. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve raised a total of $610,000 through our GENerosity matched giving program to support the health, wellness and resilience of communities across Canada and the U.S.

Poverty can be a vicious cycle, but we’ve shown when we rally together, we can make a difference.

“Capital Power is honestly so amazing at mobilizing your team for charity. I personally haven’t seen any other organization quite like yours in that sense!”

Véronique Séguin, Charitable Impact (CHIMP)

“Thank you again for being such an amazing supporter all through the year. Your gesture is greatly appreciated and will help feed many in our community.”

Laura Baker, Edmonton’s Food Bank

“Thank you for choosing to help individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness. It was a privilege to receive your incredible gift by way of the Charitable Impact Foundation, which ensures that Bissell Centre can sustain its life-changing programs. Your gift is an act of compassion and affirmation to people who are too often devalued and debased. It provides hope because it underwrites services that build new lives of stability and opportunity. Your gift honours their hopes and humanity.”

– Kelly Hoskins, Bissell Centre

Individuals struggling with poverty often experience multiple issues and need help in more than one area to break the cycle of poverty. Here at United Way, we look at the big picture to strategically invest in multiple areas that address a range of needs for vulnerable children and families. We would not be able to do this work without caring individuals and companies like our friends at Capital Power. Your leadership and commitment to inspiring empathy and community action helps to create lasting and positive change in our region. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us your top charity and for your generous support to make our community stronger.”

Rob Yager, President & CEO, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.

The incredible efforts and commitment of these charities – and so many more – to ending the perpetual cycle of poverty is admirable. This is only the beginning, and there’s a long road ahead to end poverty – but  we’re proud to do our part and make an impact!  We won’t stop here and  will  continue fighting poverty together.

Our  heartfelt appreciation  goes out to our employees who donated to support our most vulnerable!