Powering Change by Changing Power

As leaders in the energy transition, we are Powering Change by Changing PowerTM . Our highly-skilled, forward-thinking teams are shaping the future clean of power while we energize communities across North America.

Driving this urgent need for innovation is a transitioning global energy system that’s shifting towards electrification, digitalization, and a future with lower emissions. This transition is one of the most significant changes of our time. We are uniquely positioned to deliver, build and create a clean energy future, pioneering the innovative energy solutions required for our longevity as a global society.

By Powering Change by Changing PowerTM we will deliver the energy solutions required to transform how we electrify the world.  

Innovation in Action

We’re focused on the development and implementation of new and better solutions for the future of power and our environment, while continuously pursuing process improvements and efficiency gains at our existing operations.

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Our balanced approach to net zero means we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve and acting as a leader within our industry when it comes to sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

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2024 Investor Day

Watch our 2024 Investor Day webcast live to learn more about our strategic plan, business priorities and financial outlook.

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Leading the Energy Transition

Our 2023 Integrated Annual Report is a comprehensive view of our financial and ESG performance, measures and disclosures.

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