COP28: A Critical Moment

How we transition to a net zero world and equitably navigate the urgent climate crisis is the most pressing and complex global challenge of our time. The path forward presents no easy, immediate, or singular solutions.

By 2050 energy demand is projected to surge by at least 50%, driven by the accelerating electrification of our daily lives and a projected global population increase of 2 billion people by mid-century.

This energy demand surge also stands for growth and positive progress – as 500 million people move into the middle class over the same period, all requiring reliable and affordable energy to access essential infrastructure.

While renewable energy sources hold immense promise, on their own, they currently cannot yet affordably and reliably meet these growing needs.

The Role of Natural Gas and Technological Advancements in Reaching Net Zero

Our hope is that this year’s COP focuses on comprehensive solutions that include natural gas and increased investments in groundbreaking technologies.

Technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS) offer the potential to cut emissions from natural gas power generation, providing an immediate and large-scale reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

To maximize our ability to achieve our decarbonization goals, we must develop and deploy a diverse portfolio of decarbonization tools. This requires incentives and policies to encourage investments in developing, applying and scaling new adaptation technologies.

This balanced approach will enable the generational shift to a decarbonized energy future while reliably sustaining communities, economies, global security – and our planet.

COP28: A Platform for Collective Action

This is a pivotal opportunity for countries, capital allocators, policy leaders, and other key stakeholders to collaborate on strategies to catalyze the development of these transformative technologies.

Capital Power is proud to actively take part in these key dialogues and share how we are powering change by changing power.

Movie Screening at the COP28 Canada Pavilion (networking space)

December 5th at 1 pm

Capital Power’s Preparing for a life after coal – transforming the Genesee Generating Station in Alberta

Capital Power’s $1.35 billion repowering project at the Genessee Generation Station in Alberta, Canada is transitioning off-coal to 100% natural gas in 2024, which will immediately reduce emissions by 3.4 million tonnes annually. Preparing for a life after coal, will be shown at the Canada Pavilion and  captures energy decarbonization in action as part of the Humanising Energy series presented by the World Energy Council and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.


Contact us on the ground at COP28

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