Art Gallery of Alberta

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Sponsorship history

In January 2016, Capital Power announced the renewal of the innovative Capital Powered Art partnership, extending the program for another three years, through to the end of 2018.

The Capital Powered Art Program helps to ensure that world-class art continues to be brought to the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) for the enjoyment of visitors and to raise Edmonton’s national and international profile as the vibrant cultural center that it is.

“As a high-caliber cultural facility, the Art Gallery of Alberta is helping Edmonton develop a reputation as a cultural destination and Capital Power is honoured to partner with the AGA for another three-year term. This partnership is one of the ways that Capital Power is making a positive long-term contribution to the quality of life in our community.”  – Darcy Trufyn, Senior Vice President, Operations, Engineering & Construction

“The AGA's relationship with Capital Power has been excellent across the board! Capital Power's support is invaluable to the AGA's mission of bringing art to the community for all Albertans to explore and enjoy."  – Catherine Crowston, Executive Director / Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Alberta

The Capital Powered Art Program has helped bring 29 exhibits to the AGA, many from the National Gallery of Canada, between 2010 and 2018.

Program Support

In addition to the Capital Powered Art program, Capital Power supports the AGA’s Art Express program. Through this program, adults with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities get access to customized art classes. The AGA works with the Winnifred Stewart Society and the Cerebral Palsy Association to deliver this very successful program.

Capital Powered Art Acquisition Program

From 2013-2015, the Capital Powered Art program was enhanced through the Capital Powered Art Acquisition Program. This program provided the opportunity for art lovers, enthusiasts and visitors to the Art Gallery of Alberta to help build the AGA's own permanent collection through donations matched by Capital Power. Over $50,000 was contributed to the AGA for the purchase of works primarily from living Alberta and Canadian artists.


Capital Powered Art demonstrates our commitment to the quality of life for Edmontonians and Albertans; it is an investment in the bright cultural future of Edmonton and Alberta–an investment which will generate significant returns to a tremendous number of people from a wide variety of communities. The exhibitions we sponsor help local audiences look at their world from different perspectives and stimulate them to actively engage with different cultures and communities.


Awards and recognition

Mayor's Celebration of the Arts

After being nominated by the AGA for Innovative Support by a Business for the Arts in 2012 and 2013, Capital Power received the Mayor’s Award in 2014 at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts in Edmonton.  

Canadian Museums Association's Outstanding Achievement in Management

On April 25, 2012, the Canadian Museums Association presented the Art Gallery of Alberta with the Outstanding Achievement in Management Award.

The award recognized the “National Gallery of Canada at the Art Gallery of Alberta” exhibition series, was made possible in part through the Capital Powered Art program.

Association of Fund Raising Professionals Award for Outstanding Corporation

Capital Power was nominated for an Association of Fund Raising Professionals (AFP) Award for Outstanding Corporation by the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2010 for demonstrating outstanding commitment through their generous support of Capital Powered Art.