Community Investment

Community spirit.

Our passion for improving quality of life in the communities where we live and work pushes us to find new and creative ways of strengthening the community.

Capital Power is proud to offer an integrated and focused program of community involvement and is committed to citizenship through community investment. We work to foster healthy communities through engaging stakeholders, promoting sustainability and addressing the needs of our communities.

Our community investment program is aligned to support our vision to be recognized as one of North America’s most respected, reliable and competitive power generators. 

We are committed to supporting initiatives within the City of Edmonton as well as communities in Canada and the U.S. in which we operate. 

Our support for programs in our head office brings a positive economic impact to the city, contributes to the quality of life, and helps ensure Edmonton continues to be a vibrant and attractive community.

Community Investment Focus Areas

Capital Power works with citizens and invests in citizen-led projects to preserve and strengthen community character, ecology, and heritage in the communities in which we operate. 

We support programs and initiatives in the following three focus areas:

Community Heritage and Fellowship

Community heritage encompasses the legacy attributes of the community inherited from past generations.  Cultural heritage may present itself as art, museums, languages, songs, stories, customs, practices, or other cultural items that are maintained for the benefit of future generations. 

A sense of strong heritage within a community creates feelings of pride and esteem in its residents and strengthens social networks and fellowship as groups come together for a collective purpose. 

Examples of initiatives we have been involved with include:

  • Campbell River Salmon Fest (British Columbia)
  • Bullarama (Alberta)
  • Goderich Children’s Festival (Ontario)
  • Personality Festival (North Carolina)

Enrichment of Community Character

Community character refers to the individualism of a communityits physical qualities, spirit, and identity.

A strong community character creates feelings of pride and esteem in residents.  Capital Power supports citizen projects that rejuvenate communities, add community features, and enrich community satisfaction and esteem. 

Some of the programs that we have supported in this capacity include:

  • Leduc County's Genesee Heritage Park rejuvenation (Alberta)
  • Park and playground enhancements
  • Community clean-up programs

Preservation of Community Ecology 

Capital Power focuses on enabling citizen groups to undertake projects that preserve and protect high-risk ecosystems and which restore damaged ecosystems. 

Examples of projects we have been involved with include;

  • Canada's 150th celebration with Tree Canada partnership across Canada (B.C., Alberta, Ontario)
  • Community Gardens
  • Sustainable agricultural education programs

Last reviewed: April 2018