Celebrating 10 Years of Sustainability

As stewards of the future, it is our responsibility to help solve one of the most important issues facing society – how to reduce our carbon footprint and create sustainable energy for tomorrow.

We’ve demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sustainability. From technological innovation to finding efficiencies that reduce emissions, to conducting meaningful engagement with community, government and industry stakeholders to find collaborative solutions, to investing in our people and their development – we are, and have always been, a sustainable power generator.

The transformation across our industry, the drive to think bigger and think beyond, is happening right at the very core of our business: our people. Our team members continue to bring expertise, ideas, insight and experiences to help us accomplish our goals. The combined passion and commitment of our diverse group of people coming together to learn from each other, to build and grow, is the solid foundation needed for a sustainable future.

“Sustainability is about going beyond today and tomorrow and leading, changing, and innovating for what’s best for our people, our company, our communities, our environment, our investors, and, ultimately, our success – so Capital Power grows and thrives for the next 100 years.” – Kate Chisholm, Senior VP, Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer

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