Celebrating 10 Years of Responsibility

Capital Power -
By Brian Vaasjo, President and Chief Executive Officer

I am very pleased to be celebrating Capital Power’s 10th anniversary, this marks a major milestone in our history and an exciting stepping stone into our future as a company. Over the past decade, we have delivered responsible and reliable power generation, built lasting relationships with our stakeholders and created value for our shareholders. The success we have achieved is a reflection of who we are – a team of experts and innovators that show up each and every day to do what’s right.

As we’ve grown as a company over the years, our measured, consistent and thoughtful approach to doing what’s right for all our stakeholders has remained steadfast. From governments to community members, to our customers and suppliers, the reputation we’ve built for our company has been earned by our employees. Our deep ethical foundations as a team of individuals, brought together through our passion for responsible power generation, has been paramount to our ability to deliver shareholder value. Of all our accomplishments, innovation, and ability to deliver shareholder value, I’m most proud of the culture we’ve built. Everyone truly believes in our ability to provide reliable, cleaner energy for future generations and we come to work every day with that in mind.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary across our North American operations, we are mindful that this is only the beginning. We are focused on the future, not only for our company but for the future of power generation to meet the needs of the next generation and beyond. We are committed to remaining a responsible power generator by undertaking impactful steps to innovate our operations, drive leading-edge sustainability practices and deliver sustained shareholder value.

In line with our commitment to develop and deliver clean energy solutions for generations to come, I am pleased to announce a new public-facing tagline, “Responsible Energy for Tomorrow”. The tagline represents Capital Power’s innovative drive to develop solutions today to power tomorrow, including: continuing to reduce emissions through increasing generation efficiency, advancing carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), transforming carbon emissions into leading-edge products, and participating in North American carbon markets.

With our track record of operational excellence, foundation of ethics and passion for innovation driving us forward, I am confident Capital Power will always deliver responsible energy for tomorrow.