Celebrating 10 Years of Resiliency

Since our inception, we’ve evolved, adapted and grown to face change in our industry and markets head-on. The power industry of today – and the economic and regulatory environments that directly impact our work– look very different than ten years ago and continue to evolve. Despite economic fluctuations, and dynamic and shifting policy and regulatory frameworks, we’ve navigated these challenges, seized opportunities and positioned ourselves as a leader in our energy future.

Today, we’re actively growing our fleet in various markets across Canada and the U.S., which present significant opportunities for contracted renewable and natural gas assets. Our development of renewables has doubled over the past five years and includes two new U.S. wind facilities that came online in 2017 and 2018, with two more wind facilities – one in Alberta and one in the U.S. – scheduled for commissioning in the next year. We’ve quadrupled our natural gas assets through the addition of five facilities over the past five years, and recently announced our acquisition of the Goreway Power Station in Ontario.

Our resilience and adaptation to dynamic market environments has allowed us to preserve and grow shareholder value, optimize our operations, and continue to grow our business.

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