Celebrating 10 Years of People

Our people are our business. We’re transforming our industry, driving innovation and thinking bigger. We rely on our diverse perspectives, insights, and experiences to help us accomplish our goals. We know diversity leads to the greatest value.

With our company values guiding us year-after-year, our culture has expanded from “doing the right thing” – which we’ve always done – and evolved to include a culture of safety, innovation, learning and development, and sustainability. Over the last decade, we have demonstrated that we are living our values by remaining passionate about our business and safety, working together, being accountable and continuing to create and enhance shareholder value.

“Our decade of success and our foundation of excellence is a testament to our people. We are an organization of people who care, are passionate about their work, who find solutions in challenges and who strive to continually grow and develop. I am so proud to be part of this team.” – Jacquie Pylypiuk, VP, Human Resources

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