Celebrating 10 years of Growth

Since 2009, Capital Power has been on a dynamic growth trajectory. Evolving with market and industry trends, as well as shifts in government policy, we’ve built a strong foundation of assets in our fleet – setting a course for long-term success.

We’ve grown our competencies to become a competitive builder, owner, and operator of renewable, peaking, mid-merit and base load generation across North America. With an eye to continued growth and expansion of our expertise in these areas, we will apply our competitive edge to become a top quartile wind generator and competitive natural gas generation owner and operator in North America.

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve expanded our foundation of excellence as a builder, owner and operator of power generation facilities, by enhancing our business development strategy to expand meaningfully, reducing risk through diversification, and applying our competitive edge to grow our fleet across North America. I’m proud of our work, across the company, to drive growth – from due diligence to integration, we not only acquire assets but set them up for success as an integrated part of our fleet.” – Mark Zimmerman, SVP, Corporate Development and Commercial Services

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