Shepard Energy Centre

Shepard Energy Centre



Facility Information

​​​In December 2012, Capital Power and ENMAX Corporation signed a joint agreement to build, own, and operate the 800-MW Shepard Energy Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

The project became fully operational on March 11, 2015 on time and under budget and with zero lost-​time injuries. Construction of the combined-cycle natural-gas facility, which was jointly overseen by ENMAX and Capital Power and managed by ENMAX, was completed in late 2014. Approximately 2,630 people contributed over 4.3 million hours over the course of construction, peaking at almost 1,110 workers during summer 2014.

The facility produces energy using two natural gas turbines and one steam turbine. The gas turbines are each capable of producing 240 MW, and the steam turbine is capable of producing up to 320 MW. The waste heat produced from the gas turbines will be captured and used to produce steam for the third turbine.

ENMAX is the operator of the facility and Capital Power administers the dispatch of Shepard’s electrical output.

The commercial arrangements for Shepard with ENMAX include a 20-year tolling contract where 75% of Capital Power’s capacity is contracted from 2015 to 2017 and 50% thereafter to 2035. The tolling agreement has operating and maintenance cost and sustaining capital flow-through.   

Facility Facts

​Name​Shepard Energy Centre
​Location​Calgary, Canada
Fuel Source​Natural Gas
Year Commissioned​2015
Owned Capacity​400 MW
​Economic interests in the facility​Capital Power, ENMAX Corporation


Generating even greater innovation

The Shepard Energy Centre is already showing how innovation can lead to more, effective, efficient and environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.

Now thanks to NRG and Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance’s (COSIA) Carbon XPRIZE, it’s going to be home to leading research into how CO2 emissions can be converted into other useful products.


Waste doesn't need to be wasted

The natural gas-fuelled Shepard Energy Centre emits less than half the carbon dioxide per megawatt of conventional coal plants. And while that’s great, research supported by the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE is going to use CO2 created by generating electricity to unlock innovation that will lead to new, valuable uses for carbon emissions.

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Vist: NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Website

Last reviewed: April 2018