Genesee Generating Station


We are leading the way toward a lower-carbon future

Genesee1.pngWe are making investments and reducing emissions to drive a sustainable future.

In 2018, Capital Power will complete year two of the five-year $35 million Genesee Performance Standard (GPS) program at our Genesee Generating Station located west of Edmonton.

The program will improve the efficiency of the three existing power generating units by 10% by 2021.

We are maximizing fuel flexibility

We are proceeding with plans to maximize the flexibility of the three units at the Genesee Generating Station to utilize both natural gas and coal as fuel. Expanding the use of natural gas will result in significantly lower absolute emissions relative to the current configurations of the units.

The modifications will provide the Genesee facility with operational flexibility to optimize the fuel-mix at the units between coal and natural gas in response to market conditions and enable the facility to remain as a source of competitive, reliable and responsible baseload power generation for Alberta.

Facility Information

The three units at Genesee provide reliable base load power to the Alberta electricity grid.

Genesee 1 and 2

In Operation 
Fuel Source: Coal
Year Commissioned: Unit 1 - 1994, Unit 2 - 1989Owned Capacity: 860 MW (combined)
% Owned/Operated: 100/100

Genesee 3

In Operation 
Fuel Source: Coal
Year Commissioned: 2005
Owned Capacity: 258 MW* 
% Owned/Operated: 50/100

*516 MW facility jointly owned with TransAlta,
operated by Capital Power


Genesee 4 and 5

In Development
Fuel Source: Natural Gas
Capacity: Will be up to 1,060 MW

Genesee Mine

Located in Leduc County, the Genesee Mine is a 50/50 join venture between Capital Power and Westmoreland Coal Company

Community Connections

Capital Power’s relationship with its neighbours is an important focus of its Genesee operations. We have a number of ways for community members to connect with us.