Genesee Generating Station


We are leading the way toward a lower-carbon future

Genesee1.pngWe are making investments and reducing emissions to drive a sustainable future.

In 2018, Capital Power will complete year two of the five-year $35 million Genesee Performance Standard (GPS) program at our Genesee Generating Station located west of Edmonton.

The program will improve the efficiency of the three existing power generating units by 10% by 2021.

We are transforming waste into clean energy for a sustainable future

Genesee2.pngWe have tested using biofuel at our Genesee Generating Station to advance lower-carbon energy. Co-firing coal with biomass (sawdust, bark) and municipal solid waste could reduce up to 600,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent (greenhouse gas) emissions per year at our facility. 

Renewable bioenergy also creates 600+ person-years of new rural employment in biomass handling and transportation, including 45 new fulltime jobs and provides a productive end use for by-products from forestry and municipal waste industries.

Facility Information

The three units at Genesee provide reliable base load power to the Alberta electricity grid.

Genesee 1 and 2

In Operation 
Fuel Source: Coal
Year Commissioned: Unit 1 - 1994, Unit 2 - 1989Owned Capacity: 860 MW (combined)
% Owned/Operated: 100/100

Genesee 3

In Operation 
Fuel Source: Coal
Year Commissioned: 2005
Owned Capacity: 258 MW* 
% Owned/Operated: 50/100

*516 MW facility jointly owned with TransAlta,
operated by Capital Power


Genesee 4 and 5

In Development
Fuel Source: Natural Gas
Capacity: Will be up to 1,060 MW

Genesee Mine

Located in Leduc County, the Genesee Mine is a 50/50 join venture between Capital Power and Westmoreland Coal Company

Community Connections

Capital Power’s relationship with its neighbours is an important focus of its Genesee operations. We have a number of ways for community members to connect with us.