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Genesee Units 4 & 5
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​​Project Status: In Consultation or Planning

The proposed Genesee 4 & 5 combined cycle natural gas-fired generation facility is a joint venture project between Capital Power and ENMAX. Capital Power will lead the development and construction of the project and subsequently be the operator. The agreements include an eight year tolling arrangement under which ENMAX will purchase 50 per cent of Capital Power's share of the output for eight years.

The project has received all regulatory approvals required from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP, formerly Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development).

​Facility Facts
​Capacity​1,060 megawatts (nominal)
Fuel Source​Natural Gas


​Will be in two phases with each phase being approximately equal. Construction of the first phase of the Project is expected to take three years, with the second phase taking an additional year to complete.

Expected life​Approximately 35 years


Capital Power and ENMAX continue to assess the timing for starting work on the Project. Continuation and timing of the Project will be further considered once greater certainty exists with respect to the Alberta market transition, and new generation required to balance supply and demand.

The current Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approval for G4/5 stipulates that construction of both units be completed by December 31, 2018. Commercial Operation Dates (CODs) for G4/5 are now anticipated to be November 2022 and December 2023, respectively.

Due to the change, Capital Power and ENMAX Corporation intend to submit an application to the AUC requesting approval of a time extension to reflect the newly targeted CODs for each respective unit.

The project's design configuration allows for construction to occur in two phases with staged completions and the commercial agreements include flexibility on the timing of the in-service date for the project to be timed to correspond to the need for new power generation in the Alberta market. Towards the end of the decade, nearly 1,000 megawatts of coal generation is scheduled to retire.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Agreements have been finalized with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems for the supply and maintenance of the world’s most advanced J-series natural gas turbine technology commercially available. The facility will have a nominal generation capacity of 1,060 megawatts consisting of two 530 megawatt units. The facility will consist of two one-on-one, single shaft power islands, each incorporating a 501 J-class natural gas turbine, steam turbine, generator and heat recovery steam generator. This technology has a lower heat rate than previous technology resulting in higher efficiency and about a four per cent reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions compared to the previous generation’s technology. The J-class technology also provides superior flexibility to respond to sudden fluctuations in supply and demand and is the cleanest and most efficient thermal power generating system that complements renewable energy sources, making it well suited for the Alberta power market.​

Single Shaft GTCC CGS Arrangement*

CGS Arrangement with Axial Exhaust SRT

  • Axial Exhaust Steam Turbines exhaust hood efficiency is better than that of down exhaust.

  • Since both GT and ST are axial exhaust, the foundation height can be reduced.

  • No Steam is needed for the ST during startup, therefore reducing the Auxiliary Boiler size

*GTCC: Gas (Combustion) Turbine Combined Cycle
*CGS: Combustion (Gas) Turbine - Generator - Steam Turbine
*SRT: Single casing Reheat Turbine


The facility will be located close to important electrical load centres such as Edmonton and outlying industrial areas. Specifically, it will be situated 50 kilometres west of Edmonton, within Section 25, Township 50, Range 3, west of the 5th Meridian and within the County of Leduc. The building area is entirely within the boundaries of the existing Genesee Generating Station, which is owned and operated by Capital Power. Previously used as a construction laydown area, the Project site is considered a "brownfield" area. Construction will occur in an area of about 5 hectares (14 acres).

Its location on a brownfield site at Genesee guarantees significant cost advantages compared to alternate sites. It is ideal for Alberta’s next large scale generating facility because it will utilize the existing water intake/discharge structures and the existing transmission interconnection, which will connect to the new 500kV DC line and is within 500 metres of the project. There will also be operations savings from synergies with existing generation units at the site.

Genesee Area Map G4 G5.png 

The natural gas for the project will be supplied by a pipeline to be constructed between a terminal near Drayton Valley and the Project site. The pipeline will be designed, constructed, and the regulatory application process managed by TransCanada and the local service provider.    

​​​​Employment Opportunities

The on-site construction employment will occur over a three to four year period, creating approximately 1,200 person-years of employment. At peak construction there will be about 850 people working on the Project. Wherever possible, Capital Power will hire locally and use local contractors. 

​During operations, 25 to 30 full-time positions will be required. 

Genesee Units 4 & 5 Application

Due to the size of some of the files, they may be difficult to open. To receive a hard copy, please contact, Michael Sheehan 780-392-5222 or email

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