Our Strategy

​Our strategy will help us achieve our vision to be recognized as one of North America’s most ​respected, reliable, and competitive power generators.

Our strategy is refined in consultation with management and our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors annually reaffirms and approves the strategy.

Management also submits an annual corporate plan to the Board of Directors for review and approval. The plan outlines management’s objectives as well as the initiatives required to execute Capital Power’s strategy. This plan serves as the foundation for departmental plans.

Strategic focus

Our Vision:

Become one of North America’s most respected, reliable, and competitive power generators.

Geographic focus

To manage overall portfolio risk and generate growth, we will maintain an investment focus in non-contracted assets in the Alberta market only and will seek to develop contracted opportunities across North America.

Technology focus

A technology focus that includes developing and operating a limited number of power generation technologies, which builds expertise in operations, maintenance, and construction, and fosters stronger supplier relationships.

Investment-grade credit rating

Maintaining an investment-grade credit rating through stable cash flows derived from a mix of contracted and non-contracted (i.e. merchant) assets and through a moderate business risk profile. This also allows Capital Power to access low-cost capital throughout the business cycle and provides shareholders with a competitive dividend.

Capital Power's Strategy 


Our Corporate Strengths


  • Modern power generating facilities with a proven operating history

  • A solid platform for growth

  • Stable, long-term contracted cash flow

  • Consistent access to capital

  • A diversified portfolio in North American markets 

Last reviewed: April 2017