Questions & Answers

​How will I know that my resume was received?

​A confirmation will appear onscreen when you have completed the application process.  You may also log-in and view all the jobs you have applied for on the home page of your account.

Will you notify me once you receive my resume?

​We wish that we could personally respond to everyone who applies; however, it is our practice to contact only those individuals selected for interviews

​How do I know the status of my application?

​You may login and view all the jobs you have applied for and the status of these positions on the home page of your account.

I am having problems logging into my account. 
Who do I contact?

​Please send your help requests to You should receive a response within two business days.

When I apply for a position, I get error messages. 
hat do I do?

​You may send an email detailing the error message you receive. If you can, take a screen shot of the problem so the support team is better equipped to help find a solution.  You should receive a response within two business days.

​It is the deadline to submit my resume and I am unable to upload it. 
What do I do?

​Although it is preferred that positions are applied to via our online iRecruit system, if you are experiencing technical difficulties and risk missing the posting deadline, you may email your resume directly to and we will ensure your resume is received by the Hiring Manager.  Please be sure to include the posting # you are applying to and detail your error message for future resolution.

​A Capital Power employee referred me for a position.  How do I ensure they get their Referral Reward?

​One of the steps you are required to complete when applying for a positions asks "How did you hear about this position?"  You will have the opportunity here to note that you were referred to this position by a Capital Power employee.  Select "CPC Employee" from the drop-down menu and indicate the reference's name in the "Source Name" box.

​The system only asks me to upload my resume. 
How do I upload my cover letter or attach other documents?

​The "Documents" section under the "Personal Details" step of in application process allows you to upload additional documents.

​To whom should I address my covering letter?

​Resumes are forwarded directly to the hiring manager. If you would like to put a salutation on your covering letter, you can simply use "Dear Hiring Manager".

​I am interested in more than one position. 
Do I need to apply to each one?

​Yes, please apply for each position separately as there may be different Capital Power hiring managers for each and the resumes are forwarded to each hiring manager separately.

​Can I use different versions of my resume for different jobs?

​Certainly. As you apply for each position, you can upload a tailored resume and cover letter.

​I am interested in a career with Capital Power, however there are no positions posted in my field. 
Am I able to submit my resume?

​Yes, please register your resume on our career site and indicate the types of positions you are interested in.  When we post new opportunities, we can scan our database. In addition, you can register for alerts and be notified when Capital Power posts a position that matches your interests. From there, login and apply for the position directly.

Are there any pre-employment checks I will have to undergo?

​Employees must be able to meet bona fide occupational requirements, including the physical and safety requirements for the position.  If the position has physical demands, you will be required to undergo a pre-employment medical.  If the position also has a high safety component, you will be required to have drug and alcohol testing prior to employment.  As well, all positions require that candidates undergo reference checks and background checks (to confirm education and criminal record) prior to commencing employment with Capital Power.



Last reviewed: February 2018