Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To Power a Sustainable Future
Electricity is at the heart of modern society. It is a critical need that powers every aspect of our lives and has a key role to play in the global transition of decarbonization. As a leading North American generator, Capital Power has an important role to play in powering a sustainable future in the markets we operate in, for generations to come.

Our Mission

We create dependable, cost-effective, and future-ready electricity solutions.
We are committed to producing power that is dependable, by building, owning, and operating high-quality, utility-scale generation facilities from a diverse set of fuel sources. Our outstanding availability standards and flexible generation technology suite provides a necessary service to the power grid.

Cost-effective power is key to ensuring that everyone, everywhere can have access to electricity. Capital Power has the operational expertise, diversified technology suite, and competitive business model needed to produce power that is cost-effective.

Future-ready electricity recognizes that reducing carbon and protecting our natural resources is essential to create a sustainable future. We are focused on creating electricity from lower-carbon fuel sources because it is better for our health and our environment. Power that has a low-environmental impact is power that will endure for generations to come.

‚ÄčOur Values

We are committed to safety
We maintain the highest standards of safety for our workers and the communities in which we work. Our safety slogan, Zero Means Everything, is a core value of our culture and operations. Each member of the Capital Power team knows that they have the right to get home safe and healthy every day.

We work together as a diverse and inclusive team
At Capital Power, we have a strong team of passionate, committed and talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. We respect each other and are committed to consistently building a more supportive, inclusive work environment for all employees to thrive and collectively deliver exceptional results.

We are accountable to all our stakeholders
We act with integrity and always strive to do what is right by all our stakeholders, including investors, local communities, employees, and the environment. We are accountable for our work and the impacts that it has. We constantly look for ways to engage and give back, and reduce our impact on the environment.

We are passionate about doing our best in everything we do
Capital Power encourages a culture of excellence, driven by passion for what we do. We are excited about the future of power and the role we play in the transition to a sustainable energy future. We constantly strive to do our best in creating value for our shareholders and communities.