A Strong Past, a Stronger Future

​As we look to the future, we see an increase in the need for cleaner, less emission-intensive fuel sources. And we see our role as essential. 

In 2016, we:

  • Positioned to develop the next generation of renewables in Alberta and the United States and new high efficiency natural gas generation in Alberta. Since 2011, we’ve added five wind projects and one solar project and in the first-half of 2017 we completed our 178 megawatt Bloom Wind facility, located in Kansas.

  • Completed a successful biomass co-firing test at Genesee as part of our pursuit of emission reductions pre-2030.

  • Continued lowering our carbon emissions at our existing operations by conducting regular maintenance practices and optimizing our plant operations. New investments at Genesee are intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 850,000 tonnes a year by 2021.

  • Paid $452 million to our top 25 suppliers, $84 million (19%) of which was spent in the communities where we build and operate.

  • Completed a $1.5 million co-firing research test blending wood waste from Alberta forestry operations with coal.


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1 As of December 31, 2016; includes facilities that Capital Power owns and operates.