2016 President & CEO Message

The power generation industry is experiencing a period of transformation. Capital Power is focused on navigating the transition to a lower-carbon energy future by tackling environmental challenges, participating in developing regulatory changes, and contributing to delivering sustainable solutions.

Achieving success while facing this period of uncertainty and change requires resilience, innovation, and foresight, which are all aspects of our corporate strategy. You can read more about how Capital Power’s commitment to corporate responsibility is helping guide our path through this energy transition, and helping deliver a stable dividend and disciplined
growth for our shareholders. On behalf of all of us at Capital Power, we are proud to share our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, We’re Moving Forward. This report reflects our performance, accomplishments, challenges, and passion for our business.

We welcome your comments and feedback on how you think we’re doing and your thoughts on how we can improve.

Thank you for your interest in Capital Power. We look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Vaasjo